Introducing The Newest Smart Lock Upgrade for Any Household: YEEUU C1 Smart Lock®

Smart locks are a really handy addition to a home.
YEEUU C1 Smart Lock is a retrofit smart lock with fingerprint access built-in, meaning you can keep your existing lock and key and add smart features to it. With the help of the YEEUU App and Wi-Fi Bridge, you can lock, unlock, or check the door status using Google Home or Amazon Alexa; you can also control remote access and monitoring. Moreover, the simple installation method and high adaptability of C1 enable more people to enjoy keyless access that is simpler, quicker, and less expensive.
For the Function
C1 can be unlocked by fingerprint, code, NFC Fobs, APP (via Bluetooth), remote control, and even a Google Speaker.
C1 can manage the access authority of administrators and check the usage record via the App. Remoting real-time control and monitoring can be achieved by pairing it with H1 Wi-Fi Bridge.
C1 reminds users to replace batteries via App or audio-visual interaction when it is dying.
After repeated attempts and failures by strangers, C1 will be locked immediately and given an acoustic-optic alarm.
C1 is powered by ordinary 4 *AAA alkaline batteries, the standby emergency key is also reserved.
For the Form
The appearance design of C1 perfectly represents the core design philosophy of YEEUU, 'Tech Hidden in Aesthetics.
C1 is more like a smart key, in essence. The cylinder shape conforms to the user's intuition of twisting, which is like using emergency keys.
The user's palm fits perfectly with the C1 curve when holding it. The fingerprint reader, keyboard, and card sensing area are all visually visible with LED indicators.
The rarely used mechanical keys and batteries are hidden under the battery cover to make C1's appearance more concise.
A small aluminum alloy painted shell covers many parts and reaches IPX5 waterproof level, which is suitable for the outdoor environment.
For the Design Statement
It only takes a few minutes to replace the original cylinder with C1, the lock can be controlled with fingerprints, codes, NFC Fobs, App (via Bluetooth), and even Google Speakers.
C1 not only has a highly integrated structure but also offers maximum adaptability and innovative installation methods, so users can choose it without judging various complex parameters such as door thickness, opening direction, backset, etc.
The goal of C1 is to make it easier, faster, and at a lower cost for more users to enjoy their keyless access.
For The Tech Enthusiast
For smart home junkies, we know keeping your home connected is important to you. Fortunately, the YEEUU C1 collection is smart out of the box to offer seamless integration into any smart home! With the right connectivity, YEEUU C1 is compatible with a variety of third-party security and automation systems, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home. So if you’ve already invested in the latest smart home gear, you can triple-check that your front door is locked by asking your voice assistant for a cohesive smart home experience.
So let’s recap: The Newest C1 could give you a wonderful experience. Check out the new YEEUU C1 collection now available for purchase - you don’t want to miss it!
*Remote access, real-time notifications and integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Airbnb require a YEEUU H1 Wi-Fi Bridge.

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