Enjoy a highly secure and smart doorman for your home.
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Access Sharing

Tired of copying keys all the time?
We now giving you the best solution. With two different settings of access permissions, you can grant access with your family, relatives ,friends, or the people you trust like house cleaners and babysitters.

Integration Smart Home

Connect with Amazon Alex, Google home and other smart products.You can set up the Lock for Amazon Alexa or Google home and issue the command "Hi Alex, open the door!"
A Wi-Fi bridge can realize intelligent life.

Multiple Ways to Unlock

Always forget or lose your keys?
Our Smart Locks will take any worry out of getting into your home. Your phone, fingerprint, password and card is now your key. Create an intelligent, convenience and modern life style.

All-in-One Design

We creatively integrate all the circuits and functional requirements in the front handle. Not only guarantee powerful functionality but also superior visual effect. The highly integrated design makes installation very easy for everyone.