S1 FAQ & Support

How about the power supply?
The batteries for 12 months of work time. Also, the real-time battery percentage will be shown in-app. When the battery level is low, the yellow indicator on the lock will remind you, the notification in-app will keep you posted as well.

Is it compatible with my door/lock type?
S1 comes with 3 different types that fit almost any door and lock worldwide. Also, we provide custom-made lock for your door. If you need any customization service or you are not sure about your lock type, you can take a picture and contact us at support@yeeuu.com, we’d love to help you!

How does it work if Wi-Fi fails/What if I haven’t installed the Wi-Fi bridge?
In case your Wi-Fi network fails or you haven’t installed the Wi-Fi bridge, you can still use fingerprint, password, badge, NFC, smartphone Bluetooth and the mechanical key to unlock your door.

What is the Wi-Fi bridge for?
YEEUU Wi-Fi bridge is for remote control and remote management. With the Wi-Fi bridge, you can open your door remotely through your phone, check the access log, manage the permission and users anywhere!

What kind of password does it support?
S1 supports permanent password, dynamic password(valid for 5 minutes), temporary password with a customized time window and virtual password. The time window can be specific to the minute(for example, valid from March 14th 12:05 to March 21st 14:35, or set in a loop: from March 14th to April 26th, valid for each Monday 9:00 am - 10:35 am).

What is the virtual password?
Virtual password is a kind of protection for your password. For example: If your password is ‘123456’, you can enter any number that contains ‘123456’ (XXXXX123456XXXXXX) to unlock your lockbox, which significantly reduces the possibility of being hacked by others.

Do I need a professional installation?
No, S1 features easy installations. Just follow our instructions included, you can finish the installation within a few minutes, no wires needed. If you are not sure about your capability, you can follow our installation video step by step.

Is S1 safe enough?
S1 is crafted with a highly-integrated structure that protects your lock from any attempted hack and tampering. Meanwhile, S1 uses AES 128-bit encryption (bank-level) that significantly improves safety performance. Most of all, all your data are stored locally, to prevent any kinds of information leakage.

How many fingerprints it can store?
S1 can store up to 50 different fingerprints.

How about the shipment?
Right now is presell, we will start shipping in September.