Where can I see installation and operation videos?

You can check our videos on our  Youtube channel.   


How long will the battery last?

The battery life is up to 12 months (unlock 10 times a day), which is also highly related to your installation. When the battery power is less than 10%, it will alarm you to replace the battery. You can still use the battery 100 times without replacing the battery after the alarm.


 Are the batteries safe outside doors?

We integrated all the functions in one handle for easy replacement and installation, with a seamlessly design it’s hard to be discovered.


Which methods of opening doors are supported?

Fingerprint, Password, App and Door Card.


 What if I want more door cards?

You can purchase it in our Accessories section. 


Will the fingerprint recognition surface be damaged or vandalized?

R2 Smart Lock uses the semiconductor fingerprint recognition module and adopts the wafer plastic sealing technology with a service life of more than 1 million times. Moreover, the surface is equipped with anti-fog and dustproof capabilities. However, man-made vandalism cannot be prevented 100%.


 The handle does not bounce back after installation?

The handle does not bounce back is because the screw is too tight. Try to slide the rear handle cover, slightly loosen the handle screw two or three turns, it will be normal.


 After the battery installed , can you open the door without fingerprint?

Only for the first time or when you restore it to factory settings.


 How to activate and use the door card to open the door?

Please check the Manual first, where there has step by step guide.


 Why does it take several times to unlock with a fingerprint?

According to the feedback from all the users, the average operation would be once or twice.

It is difficult to unlock the device under these 3 conditions:

  1. Broken finger skin makes the fingerprint damaged.
  2. Finger is wet.
  3. Fingerprints are very complete concentric circles. We would recommend you to delete and record your fingerprint again, or try other fingers, remember to unlock again after recording.


 What is the effective distance of Bluetooth unlocking?

Due to the influence of installation environment, mobile phone model, obstacles and other factors, under normal circumstances, the unlocked distance outside the door can reach 3-5 meters and 2-3 meters inside the door.


 What is “stay unlock” mode?

The lock will stay in the unlocked state so you can open the lock without any verification and identification( password, fingerprint, door card, App). It is very useful in the office.


 How to set “stay unlock” mode?

The administrator should press the fingerprint area until the white light starts to flash, the "stay unlock" function is turned on. You can turn off the “stay unlock” status by pressing the fingerprint area until the green light starts to flash.


 If the alarm has a distance limit, can I receive the information if I am not at home?

When the door lock is connected with the App through Bluetooth, the record will be displayed on the App, such as alarm record and opening record.

You can only receive alerts when your phone is connected with the lock via Bluetooth.


 Can I open the door remotely?

Go get our H1 Wi-Fi Bridge for remote control. 


What should I do if I can't connect the phone to the device?

  1. Is it too far from the door lock? Get closer and try again.  
  2. If it doesn't work, turn off the Bluetooth and turn it on again.
  3. Exit the App and turn it on again.