Contactless Check-In Solution for Hotel---Win a free Yeeuu Key-box!!!

Hi there, 

 Yeeuu contactless Hotel Check-In solution can help hotelier eliminate cost, monitor access activity and receive notifications from our platform to help you be more efficient, save money and bring guest contactless check-in experience in response to COVID-19.

 Yeeuu now EAP Program---Join us Now!!!

Right now, we are looking for 100 runner-up to join us to experience  Yeeuu contactless Hotel Check-In solution in a great deal.

"What 100 runners-up can have "

  • 1 freesmart hotel key-box
  • 1 freetrial  Yeeuu account for 6 months
  • $0.199*/month/unit to apply for an account of  Yeeuu solution for the whole life after 6 months trial period.

"What values  Yeeuu can bring to hoteliers"

  1. Improve ReceptionProcess
    --Shorten guest Check-in waiting time
    --Save the money spent on the key management.
    --Fast check-out, no need to return the key or keycard to the reception.
    --Real Time Status updates give you complete occupancy levels across the hotels.
  2. Attract the delight Guests
    --Offer your guest direct to home Check-In no matter how late they arrive.
    --There is no need to bring a keycard or key.
    --In response to COVID-19, more contactless reception can be provided to guests.
  3. Keep Hotelier Happy
    --Be a more efficient Hotelier by increasing asset awareness and ROI.
  4. Create Online Stream
    --Create a database by putting related contents including membership conversions, facilitate services, and urban amenity information.

"What makes  Yeeuu  different from others"

  1. Non-destructive Modernization
    --100%no need to change what you have, keep the door and lock the same as before
  2. Lowest ExpenditureCost
    --80% of your money can be saved compared to replacing your existing lock (more expensive hardware+additional installer cost)
    --The cheapest smart key-box
    --$0 installment cost.
  3. Fastest Installation
    --1 Minuteto install a key-box without disturbing guesting

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